Recipe for a healthier and kinder life

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Do you yearn to live healthily and simply? At Naked Blend we are all about healing the root so that the tree is stable, as the saying goes. What can we do to improve our lives? In the midst of a hectic and busy lifestyle, thank you for taking the time to pause, reflect, and read this article that may kickstart the spark of you beginning to design your life in a manner that works for you. Everyone is different but one thing we all can focus on is becoming more of who we are, and our products such as dairy free milk tea in Singapore is meant to complement your personality. 

Here are 4 steps that may be helpful in achieving a healthier and kinder life: 

1. Be kind to yourself 

Take the time to slow down and process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Accept yourself as you are, because when you approve of yourself, your changes are positive. Tell yourself that you are doing well in whatever you do. Don’t wait till you get into a new job or relationship - begin now and do the best you can. Sometimes life boils down to 4 simple phrases: 

 - I love you

 - I’m sorry

 - Please forgive me

 - Thank you

These simple phrases are very powerful! They contain the power of repentance, forgiveness, and gratitude. They are affirmations that help to clean our mental states and bring goodness to us. If you are unclear over a decision to make, just keep repeating the 4 healing phrases till you receive clarity or inspiration on a certain action. When you notice someone has an issue, it may mean you have it too. What happens in life is not your fault but it is your responsibility. By cleaning your mental state you are cleaning it from everyone too, life is a mirror.

2. Be kind to others 

If you would like your life to be an infinite source of joy, peace, kindness, and harmony, it is important to think positive thoughts and celebrate the success of others. Treating everyone as if they are the most important person in the world and participating in acts of kindness and generosity affirms, uplifts, and dignifies your life and that of others. Start by supporting a cause at today. 

3. Reduce energy use 

This is helpful for the planet, for yourself and your wallet too. For instance, taking shorter hot showers is one way to keep your skin in better condition, while helping one to be more mentally alert. In the morning, try to use natural light where possible for that healthy Vitamin D exposure (but apply sunscreen or drink Naked Blend milk tea of course. The National Environment Agency in Singapore came up with a tick system that helps us identify appliances that are energy efficient. An energy-efficient aircon will have 5 ticks which will help us save 33% of electricity bills with better performance as compared to 3 ticks :) 

4. Choose healthy and sustainable alternatives 

From what we eat to what we wear, there are now so many positive options that benefit us, our planet, and everyone. For instance, when we replace meat or dairy with vegan alternatives, we are moving away from animal agriculture. This is a major cause of environmental issues like ocean dead zones and deforestation. More than half of our calories come from processed food which is a leading cause of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. This is why our Naked Blend team works hard to simplify nutrition into wholesome and functional beverages. Even cosmetics and fashion brands are investing heavily into cruelty-free products and reusable packaging. Make that decision to bring a reusable grocery bag when you go supermarket shopping! 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article! What’s your favorite way to spread a compassionate message? Let us know so that we can share it with our community of Naked Blenders too :) 


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