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Peach Detox Glow (Dispatch from 28 Jul)

*Item is currently sold out. The next dispatch starts from 28 July 2023*


Naked Blend's Peach Detox Glow is a vegan-friendly, functional beverage packed with natural plant prebiotics, fibre, fruit enzymes, and antioxidants.

This natural detox cleanse is an effective drink that can help with constipation and bloating. By encouraging a gentle intestinal flush and cultivating a healthy gut, it supports the body’s natural detoxification process and enhances your well-being and skin. Our formulation promotes a healthy immune system, boosts natural collagen production, aids in hormonal balance, and revives the skin’s natural glow.


Vegan, Nursing and Pregnancy Friendly

Manufactured in Singapore


15 sachets in a box

1 x Peach Detox Glow
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1 x Peach Detox Glow
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Natural Peach Extract, Lemon Juice, Orange Peel Extract, Konjac, Fruit Enzyme, Inulin Fibre, Psyllium Husk, Citric Acid, Plant Collagen, Chia Seeds, Xylitol, Stevia Leaf.

1. Pour half a sachet of Peach Detox Glow into shaker bottle
2. Add 100ml of iced/ room temperature water
3. Shake well and consume
4. Tie the other half sachet of the detox drink and store it in the refrigerator
5. Consume the balance within 48 hours as there are active ingredients inside

To get the best effects for your body, ensure you:

✔ Drink nightly, after dinner or preferably before 11pm

✔ Boost metabolism
✔ Support gut health
✔ Improve digestion
✔ Reduce bloating
✔ Regulate bowel movement, may experience bowel movement 6 to 10 hours later
✔ Remove internal waste to prevent toxic retention
✔ Reduce inflammation
✔ Strengthen immunity
✔ Aid in hormonal balance
✔ Support healthy blood sugar level
✔ Support balanced PH levels in our body 
✔ Improve mood and emotions
✔ Boost energy level and alertness
✔ Promote body's natural collagen production
✔ Support firmer and tighter skin from collagen production
✔ Promote plumped and hydrated skin
✔ Enhance skin's natural radiance
✔ Aid in cells renewal
✔ Improve liver function
✔ Improve blood circulation
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