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Delicious taste!

Absolutely effective while still being delicious to consume! The free bottle is a pretty pink! I take it whenever I have a heavy meal before I sleep!

Great tasting milk tea and peach tea!

I was looking for a milk tea without refined sugar and this works for me. Great tasting and easy to prepare. It also helped me to sustain hunger from breakfast till lunch. I also bought the peach tea and that one helped in bowel movement every morning too! Great products and I will definitely buy again.

Detox glow and milk tea

Love the milk tea! Not too sweet which is what i like! Also liked the taste of the peach detox glow and helps with my bowel system the next morning! Will definitely repurchase again! Not to mention, the shake bottle and ceramic mug are so pretty!

It does curbs appetite!

2 weeks into drinking Naked Blend religiously, my weight did not change but a slight drop of fat %. It really helps to curbs the urge to consume snacks/junks.

Naked Blend Milk Tea

I love the milk tea! It is fragrant and just the right amount of sweetness! I must have a cup in the morning to start the day and it helps to curb my appetite. I don't crave for snacks that much anymore

Total detox

Just tried Naked Blend detox for a few days and felt it really cleared and detoxed all the toxics in the body. Good product!

Most Effective Brand

A really good and effective detoxing for my body after days of constipation. Smooth bowel movement with slightly more toilet visit. Don't feel lethargic yet feeling light and good. Milk tea and detox taste amazing and not sweet at all! Milk tea really curbs my appetite and don't feel like snacking at all. Really effective in cleansing!

Original Milk Tea
ploypalin tan
Milk tea

Milk tea’s pretty good!

Naked blend

Love it..not like other detox drinks that would cause tummy ache. 👍

Peach Detox

Nice peach taste where its sweetness is not too overwhelming. It aids with my toilet visit especially after a heavy meal.

Peach Detox Glow

This is my first purchase and there will definitely be more. The drink tastes good and helps me to poop! :)

Ever since i started with NB milktea, i have no more craving for any other sweet drinks and bbt ( especially im a milktea lover).
Loving the peach detox taste and how it works for my body digestive system.
Constipation is no longer an issue now!

Best detox and milk tea

I had slim down after having the milk tea and detox drink..

Stop my constipation and make me go to the loo daily without fail!!!

Original Milk Tea

On my 4th box now cause drinking this milk tea first thing in the morning is my staple!! Since I cant have coffee, this is my alternative. It gives me enough energy to sustain the whole morning, till lunch time. Also, I will tend to eat lesser for lunch as well, hence it really helps to curb the appetite. I love this so much so please NB, dont stop this and thank you!!! If youre new, its worth giving it a try!!

Peach Detox

LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I usually drink it after dinner, and be sure to drink lots of plain water after drinking the Detox Glow because it kinda will make you feel thirsty. But I think that's great cause we need the water intake for a smooth poop the next morning. The toilet experience is not those painful type and it's actually very smooth. For losing weight wise, it only works when I work out and controlling my calories intake. For me, I just need a something to help me poop regularly and this sure does!! Give it a try!!

Peach detox - Great product!

The product not only tastes delicious with the yummy peach flavour, it also live up to the benefits. It does makes you visit the toilet more often than regular but you feel good thereafter because that Def helps to remove the problem of bloatedness. Overall a great product!

Repeated buyer

Tried the 1st time and I like that it helps me reduce bloating next day. Not too sweet and will keep drinking as and when to detox. :)


I take it at night and it really helps to flush everything out in the morning, feels so much lighter.

Nice tea for tea break

The tea taste great and it does make me feel full and stop snacking!

Classic Routine Bundle
Catherine Ang
Peach detox glow review

Peach Detox Glow works well on me! It helps to cleanse off the body toxin and taste great!

Ceramic Cup Set
Subashini Richard
So beautiful!

I was looking for a really nice pink cup and that’s when I came across this particular cup set and it’s absolutely gorgeous! It has a lid and a spoon which is so convenient!

Peach Detox Review

First time trying a detox drink, I decided to purchase it as all ingredients are natural. Love the refreshing taste, it reminds me of MOS Burger Ice Peach Tea. Nice crunchy texture from the chia seeds and jelly.
I have it around half 9 at night, slight tummy cramp and the urge for toilet run around half 8 next morning. Feeling good that my system cleared daily. Previously I only cleared once every 3 days. Definitely feel less bloated now after taking the Peach Detox Tea.

Glow drink for beauty

The taste was light not as sweet as I thought, and can see my skin is glowing more from inside out

Naked Blend Milk Tea

It serve like a morning tea to start the day and does helps to curb appetite a little.

Works every time

Been ordering a few rounds and both the milk tea and peach detox works every single time. My mind has sorta been conditioned to reach out for the milk tea in the afternoon whenever it's 'Tea-time'.

I am glad I chanced upon your IG stories!!