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milk tea drink + peach tea review!

don’t take it very consistently now. honestly was quite hesitant as i was very scared of adverse side effects however, so far when i took it, feels ok. tastes good and i’m going to get my peach detox + milk tea bundle. when i first took the tester of the peach detox, didn’t read instructions properly LOL so i got a super super bad stomach ache so rmb to read carefully it is torture LOL

Naked Blend Skin Booster

Tried the skin booster.. I took it directly from the sachet. The white grape taste is nice but the powder can be finer. There is a slight bitter aftertaste so perhaps peach or lemon flavour might taste better? Overall, it's a convenient product and I do see my skin more moisturise and radiant despite taking one stick a day.

First time trying

Tried both the peach detox and the milk tea. The taste is good and both is easy to take. Ease my constipation issue and the effect was milder than i expected. Will buy again after i finish the ones i have now🙂

Repeated purchase

Re purchased milk tea and peach detox because really helps in controlling my hunger plus helping me detox! Tried the berry enzyme jelly too and i alternate between it and peach detox, so far it’s working great for me too!

2-Box Bundle
Sherry Lee
Love the detox

It never failed to help me have better detox and i love the taste.

Berry Enzyme Cleanse Jelly

I like it when it does not gets too messy. It not only taste delicious. It is also quite refreshing. The reaction is also milder than peach detox. So, I took it on alternate days with peach detox or when I had way too much delicious (unhealthy) food (>.

2-Box Bundle
Connie Tan
Berry Enzyme

Tried the Berry enzyme and it tastes yummy! Firm jelly that doesn't create a mess when I open the packaging and it's not overly sweet. I'm tempted to eat another stick after finishing one. 😅 It works as efficiently as the peach detox... so I take it on alternate days with the peach detox

Enzyme Jelly Review

Love the taste of it!! Sour sweet, quite refreshing for each bite! Love how small and convenient pack it is, easy to tear and just slurp it right away! Enjoy it so much especially when it is chilled! Help in detox without much pain/ discomfort! Love it and will repurchase!! ❤️

Yummy Jelly!

I’d rank this as a gentler detox as compared to Peach Detox and yet giving you the vegetables intake you require! On days that you take lesser fibre, this will be a good alternative! I have smoother poop when I take this! 😝

2-Box Bundle
Emelyn Ang
Milk Tea & Peach Detox

I really love the taste of the Milk Tea! Suitable for lactose intolerant peeps as it’s dairy free! It really helps curb my appetite throughout the day!

The Peach Detox really very yummy and I enjoyed drinking it! Smells like Peach but with many plant based ingredients!

Love the taste and does its job! 👍

I took it daily after dinner and it helped in my constipation and bloatedness. Love the taste, sometimes wishing I could take 2 satchels per day!
Looking forward to promo so that I can stock up.


Enjoying the enzyme jelly a lot as it is so tasty that it makes me want to eat another one haha

Peach Detox Glow

Really helps me effortlessly every morning! Love it!

Bobo mask

Very comfortable. Light and airy and looks good. Easy to wash and dries quickly. Love it!

Great products

I tried the skin booster and peach detox. Recommend both products. The peach detox has a nice taste which gently helps to clear the system and the skin booster also tastes great for a collagen drink. Keeps skin hydrated and smooth.

good stuff!!

Milk tea and peach glow are both very tasty (: constipation is least of a headache now and feeling less bloated!

Bobo Mask - Bundle

One of the best mask i had so far! Matches with all outfit!
Even with make up on there's no stain and the quality are really good.. Easy to breathe and after wash it dries up real fast.

Skin Booster
Soh Smith
Can see improvement.

I rlly did see my pores getting smaller and better complexion after using 2 boxes. Taste is good, I just consume it without water. Price is affordable as well. Will purchase more!


So in love with the jelly. It helped me detox the next day.

Detox well & tastes good!

I have a sensitive stomach so I only take half a packet every night. It's yummy! Like a mini dessert after dinner. I do experience slight stomach pains after drinking it but it's not a cramping pain and doesn't affect my sleep. Bowel movements are alot more frequent and smoother. I still feel bloated, but when I look in the mirror my bloated belly size is smaller! Will continue to drink it and repurchase when I run out.

Peach Detox

Tried both peach glow detox and the milk tea love the taste for the peach! Started out with 1 packet and continued for 3 consecutive days, really cleared whatever it was inside! Let my dad to try the peach detox as well he loved it too! As for milk tea, the taste was ok, best to add oat milk together! Some people might not be used to the taste if you are used to your usual teh, but I think is a great substitute! I even tried it with matcha 😂


always having constipation issues before i was introduced to this detox. the peach taste very nice! helps to remove the bloatedness as well !! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Effective detox

Always had issues with my bowel movements so this detox drink kinda help! Will repurchase it definitely!

2-Box Bundle
Sammi Ting
Skin booster!

I really enjoy the flavour of Naked Blend’s Skin Booster! I want to eat everything at one go, cause it’s so yummy and tastes premium~ Hope it contains more in a packet!

Works well!

Powder is easy to consume. Taste not bad. Saw improvement on my face