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Will repurchase

I preferred the Berry Enzyme Cleanse Jelly to the peach glow. I had green poop (just like a newborn) after 1-2 jelly packets and had a pleasant surprise. Will definitely repurchase the berry jelly.

Great products!

So far the products that I have bought have delivered their results for me and that’s why I have to keep purchasing after finishing it!

Peach detox and skin booster

Love the taste of peach detox, it’s so refreshing and also effective. Recommended. Skin booster seems to make my skin more hydrated and fairer too.

very effective in improving my gut health!

Love the skin booster

The skin booster tastes great and I could definitely see less lines below and around my eyes after taking it for a month!

Hair strengthening

Tried it for about a week, so far so good , cant wait to see the after results !! Really hope it works just like how it has been raved about by nn:)))

Hair Strengthening booster

Very tasty and yummy jelly. Start to see some effects after finish 1 box. Will buy more again.

Love this drink but may not work at time...

Tried the cranberry flavour this time and love it! However, I realised that I may need more than 1 pack a day for it to work. Sometimes, may not even help with constipation even after 2 consecutive days.

Fast delivery

I placed my order on 1/5/22 and my order came on 4/5/22 despite it was a long weekend. Thumbs up for the fast delivery !

2-Box Bundle
Rachael Chan

Constipation saviour!

Will repurchase

Love this product a lot and it's very effective, I have repurchased it many many times and will continue to do so.

The best product ever

I have bought 4th time and have tried all their products! It has been very effective for me and i love the cranberry and uji matcha, cause not sweet and loving the taste!

Naked blend

naked blend is effective and i have been taking the product for over a year!

Enzyme jelly works

Been a fan of the enzyme jelly since I started on NakedBlend products. I take 1 a day and it regulates my bowels well. Take it together with food or at night after dinner for detox.

Naked Blend Skin Booster

Been a week since I started on the Skin Booster. Really wana give my skin a boost so I started with 2 sticks a day for the 1st week. I took them early morning before food. Its easy to consume, just open and pour it into my mouth, taste great too. So far so good, my skin looks more radiant n plump. Looking forward to even better review as I continue with it.

Peach detox glow

I have tried the naked blend peach detox glow drink. The drink tastes like peach tea and it was very helpful in keeping my gut healthy and clean!

4-Box Bundle
Loving it so far!

The milktea has really been controlling my appetite. And i coupled it with the peach detox. I have been feeling A LOT less bloated now. my weight hasnt dropped much, but i can fit into my shorts a lot better now :) loving it, and im definitely keeping it up. maybe i will start taking one sachet every other day instead of daily (which is what im doing now)

Naked Blend Skin Booster

Tried the skin booster for the first time after contemplating for the so long and I’d say no regrets! Have yet to seen the result as I’m only at my first box but I’d say the taste is really great, love it !

Third time purchasing

This has helped me with my bloating so much. Not only does it work, it tastes good too. I gave some to my bf to try and he was amazed by the result too.

Sure detox

Love the detox


I bought the match milk tea and it really tastes so good! It helps to fix my matcha tea latte craving and I enjoy every single sip. It also helps to curb my sweet cravings and appetite. I always take it together with my dinner and Im easily full. Since I took the matcha milk tea i lost about 3kg. Will definitely repeat purchase.😍

Experience Box
Wong Hui Tian
Detox Glow Review

I'm happy with the outcome after drink the Detox glow. It really help me to have less constipation and make me feel lighter haha. Will continue with this.

4-Box Bundle
Peach detox glow and skin booster

Detox drink is yummy. Have tried various detox drink, this is by far the yummiest. No sharp diarrhoea pain experience, just normal tummy ache and 'smooth journey' in the toilet. Will go more than once if heavy/oily food was consumed the day before. Very shiok to be able to clear bowel daily. So far have yet to see any weight loss, but definitely felt 'lighter' and less toxic. As for skin booster, believe needs to take long term to better see the effect. Taste good too!

Fast delivery

Item came in good condition & fast delivery!

Matcha Milk Tea

Already a matcha lover, this matcha milk tea became my daily consumption to start off my day. Not too sweet and it’s gentle on my sensitive gut.