Social Impact

Ethical Product for A Changing Planet – We're Committed to a Healthier Planet   

For far too long, the beauty and wellness products industry has been one of the heavy contributors to single-use non-recycable packaging and plastic waste. At Naked Blend, we're making a change with our range of sustainable ethical products. At our core, our goal is to R&D and manufacture innovative products that are rooted in sustainability. We're powered by our vision of a better planet for us all.

Change Starts from a Step – Our Sustainability Initiative

We've introduced our Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) to ensure that all our brand products are packaged with environmentally-friendly practices. We're also rapidly integrating advanced end-of-life management to ensure that our products are handled sustainably. As part of this initiative, we also require our partner brands to comply with sustainable manufacturing guidelines.

Most companies refer to sustainability simply as a way to comply with environmental regulations. At Naked Blend, we go beyond the minimum to ensure that sustainability is a constant across our thought process. We're continuously working to find better solutions to make sustainable wellness products. Our passion for improvement drives our efforts to enhance our operational efficiency. We're not settling for simply using recycled packaging and organic ingredients for consumer products. Our sustainability initiative is deeply rooted in our moral responsibility to create a better planet for everyone.

Our Commitment  

As a company that is committed to realising continuous progress and constantly learning about impacts, we challenge ourselves to continually make a positive difference through our product innovation, operations, and community. Our key social impact motivations are sustainability, supply chain, and community.

Sourcing the Right Way – Our Approach

Creating sustainable products is dependent on making better choices around our core ingredients. While there are some botanical species that are exposed to risks of overharvesting, there are also naturally abundant sources that are harvested using sustainable practices. Naked Blend puts in the effort to ensure that we're seeking out supplies using ethical harvesting practices for our ingredients.

With the Earth in mind

We are committed to doing our part to help protect the resources that we all share and depend on for our future. From the sourcing of botanical, responsibly farmed ingredients from eco-friendly farms to the use of minimal and recyclable packaging, the products we create stay true to the theme of sustainability the brand focuses on. We focus on creating unique health and wellness products with natural ingredients, mostly from plant sources, on supporting the reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions. Within our distribution centre, we recycle 100% of all cardboard that comes into our fulfilment operations.

While we are making progress, we acknowledge that we still have a long way to go to achieve our goal of significantly reducing our environmental impact in the years to come.

Supply Chain

Naked Blend's commitment to global human and labour rights and to ensuring that our products are made in safe and responsible factories. We partner with trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors who share our values and our commitment to social responsibility. We believe in upholding strict and high ethical standards regarding fair wage, fair labour practices, and workplace safety across our supply chain. We also work closely with our supply chain partners to help identify and implement opportunities to minimise the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Uplifting the Community – Our CSR Initiatives

Naked Blend has channelled a key part of our social contribution initiative through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) directive. We strongly believe in the importance of giving back to support marginalised communities and organisations around the country. We firmly support natural and wildlife conservation as key facets of our organisational focus.